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One More Day for Text Display

The Font Bureau Showing at Lesley University ends April 19, 2014, at 5pm.

A student looks on with Titling Gothic’s 7x7 grid in the background.

The Font Bureau Showing at Lesley University ends tomorrow evening. The original close date was April 20, but the school is closing on Sunday due to marathon preparations in Kenmore Square.

For the past month, we’ve shown a sampling of work that represent the qualities of text and display type. In conjunction with the exhibit, Cyrus Highsmith spoke on “Imagining Typography” at the show’s opening, David Jonathan Ross gave two gallery talks, and I spoke to a design production class.  We were happy to have the opportunity to meet and interact with students at Lesley as well as designers in Boston.

If you haven’t been, or need one more fix, come on down. As we’re so accustomed to digital screens, there’s something really nice about seeing type big on the wall.


Main Gallery, 700 Beacon Street, Kenmore Square, Boston
Closes on April 19, 9–5pm. Original closing date was April 20.
Lesley University College of Art and Design (formerly AIB)

Cyrus Highsmith (right) explains something to curator John Kramer, in front of Giza Nine Five and Ibis Text. Photo, and above, by Juliet Degree.

Bungee (unreleased) banners and Eldorado Display and Text styles in the Main Gallery at Lesley University. Photo by John Kramer.

Once more, we would like to thank Lesley University and Design Department Chair, Kristina Lamour, who invited Font Bureau. It was a great experience to work with the college and especially with curator John Kramer, who produced the show.

In an email earlier this week, John thanked those who helped make the exhibit possible, from the gallery directors to the various people that helped us produce materials. There was no shortage of generosity in the week leading up to the opening. Everyone seemed genuinely excited to work with type, whether it be in vinyl, cloth, cut out of plastic, or printed on paper. So I second his gratitude for the following people:

  • Bonnell Robinson, Gallery Director
  • Andrew Mroczek, Assistant Director
  • Matt and Jerry, Lesley Security
  • Chris Chew and Jackie Barnes, installation assistants
  • The Fenway Group (banners)
  • Dollar signs (adhesive wall graphics)
  • MICROprint (text panels, labels, routered letterforms)
  • Tommy Matthews, LUCAD computer lab

And thanks to everyone who visited in person. We hope it inspired you in some way. For those who could not visit in person, we’ll post more images from the show and write more about text, display, and displaying text.