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Benton Sans Wide

Benton Sans, Font Bureau’s largest type family, goes wide, to give full coverage in eight wide-ranging weights.

Benton Sans, already the largest Font Bureau family, now boasts a full spectrum of widths from Extra Compressed to Benton Sans Wide. This makes a total of 80 styles — the five widths, each with eight weights and corresponding italics. And that will make designers with complex typographic needs very happy. Combine this group with Benton Sans RE for small screen use, or pair it with Benton Modern as a serif companion, and there isn’t a typographic task too large, too small, or too complex that the comprehensive expanded family can’t handle.

The Benton Sans family.

Broad sans serifs are uncommon. The most frequently used wide option in this American Gothic genre is Trade Gothic Extended, but it’s limited to just two weights. One reason for the dearth of sans options with wide proportions is simply that they are quite difficult to draw. Creating an extended member that fits with the rest of a sans family requires a skillful, tasteful hand. Fortunately, we know a guy named Cyrus Highsmith.

Highsmith’s Benton Sans Wide is an alternative to early 20th-century workhorses like Trade (and its forebear News Gothic), offering a more complete palette with a full range of weights, italics, small caps, and figures. The Benton Sans family is also more uniform in design, useful when consistency across weights and widths is more important than individual flavors.

Also New: Benton Sans Expansion

With this release we’re also updating the entire Benton Sans family, rolling small caps and figure styles into full-featured OpenType fonts and adding new glyphs such as tabular figures and extended language support. The fonts now cover all major languages and dialects written with the Latin alphabet.

There has never been a better time to invest in the Benton suite and take advantage of the famous Font Bureau bulk discount. And, if you are currently a Benton Sans licensee you can upgrade to the Premium OpenType fonts or get the Wide styles for 25% off. Contact us for details.

By the way, for those who want to employ the new Benton Sans Wide online, the fonts will soon be available at Webtype.