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Introducing Type Network: type for designers

Type Network is a new model for type design, development, and licensing built in response to the increasingly complex needs of type designers and type users.

Type Network is a private company, with type designers making up the majority of ownership, which ensures that our goals align with our mission—to find the best designers and to support and publish their work.

Whether you’re a solo designer or a large corporation, we can handle all of your font licensing needs, including options for desktop, web, apps, and more. Type users can easily explore a single foundry’s collection, browse Type Network’s rich catalog with its wide variety of typefaces, and license fonts from multiple designers effortlessly thanks to our robust search tools and filters and a unified checkout system.

Users can connect directly with foundries while shopping for type. Our flexible platform allows each foundry to maintain its unique brand by building a personalized storefront. In addition to showcasing their catalog, type designers are able to share their stories by posting news, musings, and inspirational galleries of their fonts in use.

We’re launching with established type designers and foundries such as Font Bureau, Carter & Cone, Petr van Blokland’s Typetr, and Cyrus Highsmith’s Occupant Fonts; emerging new Type Network brands from David Jonathan Ross (DJR), Richard Lipton (Lipton Letter Design), and Victoria Rushton; and veteran Font Bureau designers Zavier (Leslie) Cabarga and Greg Thompson.

Many more foundries sharing our licensing and design goals will soon join the Type Network family.

“Type Network is the combined effort of Font Bureau, Webtype, Petr van Blokland Studio, and all of our foundry partners,” said Sam Berlow, president of the new company. “Type Network’s web developers, editors, marketing experts, and business group have together envisioned and made a font company for the 21st century.”

“We have built a site designed for type users to shop; where type designers can present not only their products, but also their stories. I’m looking forward to feedback—we will continue to improve Type Network based on everyone’s needs,” Berlow said.

The Type Network team has been working in digital type since desktop publishing first gave designers the tools to take control of their own typography. From Postscript to TrueType to OpenType and web fonts, our tradition of pushing the boundaries of type design and development is ingrained in Type Network and our alliance of foundries.

Type Network was built for you. Join us as we reinvent the world of type.


Type Network’s home page delivers quick links to all foundries and a curated view of what’s going on in the catalog, news sections, and galleries of each foundry.


The Type Network catalog makes it easy to quickly find the right type. Live responsive specimens show every glyph and feature in each style of every typeface, with filters for foundries and for parameters like weight and width, design categories, intended use, and more. Family specimens are sortable by weight, width, and optical size.


Type Network’s frequently updated gallery features a selection of hundreds of uses of our fonts, filtered by typeface and publication type, providing users with daily inspiration.


The news section features curated articles from Type Network and beyond, focusing on timely topics about type design and typography.


Find, try, and buy the right type, fast. It’s a breeze with Type Network’s streamlined shopping experience. Easily favorite a family or individual style for future comparison, or add directly to your shopping cart. The cart offers a simple, clear interface for viewing pricing and licensing options, while the account section is your home for centralized font and license management.

There’s more to come. This is just a taste of what you’ll find on Type Network. We’ll be adding more features, more content, and more great type from our growing coalition of independent foundries and designers. We’re excited for you to explore the site, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Email us with your thoughts at info@typenetwork.com. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our email newsletter to get all the latest updates about Type Network.