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Graduation Show - Turning Stones

Visit the final project of ten graduates of the master of Graphic Design from AKVI St.Joost. In 2014 a group of graphic design students started their master course at AKV|St.Joost. Two years have passed, and it’s now time for them to reveal their work to the outside world. Turning Stones is an exhibition about the process and results of this year’s master graduates in graphic design.

Turning Stones is a metaphor for the student’s two years in Breda. The process of design can be seen as a path of stones. When turning a stone it reveals what’s underneath, and by taking different paths it was discovered that stones lead the students to new ideas and solutions. Some stones are large and few, others are small and numerous. By research and experiment, trial and error, the students all have found a way to the end of the path only to discover that it continues and branches into a multitude of new paths which they can follow.

You are invited to this journey and see how these different processes of the last 2 years have developed themselves into 10 graduation projects. The graduation show is open from 2- 6 of July 2016, 11:00 - 18:00, at AKV | St.Joost, Onderwijsboulevard 256, 5223 DJ ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Can’t wait? You can check us out online: