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Georgia Pro & Verdana Pro: More Widths. More Weights. More Possibilities.

Matthew Carter’s versatile and ubiquitous typefaces for reading onscreen and on paper gain new weights, a new width, OpenType layout features, and a pan-European character set.

Georgia and Verdana rule the web. Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro are now revised and expanded families, enabling more versatile use both on screen and on paper. The expansion includes three new weights and a Condensed width, OpenType layout features, WGL pan-European character set, added kerning, and extensive hinting.

Georgia and Verdana entered the scene fifteen years ago. They were created for Microsoft and adapted from proven typographic models by world-renowned type designer Matthew Carter, assisted by master hinting engineer Tom Rickner. Now, a partnership between Font Bureau, Carter & Cone, and Monotype Imaging led the effort to create the new, expanded editions of the fonts.

This release is so unique we did something a little different: a web-based specimen shows the full range of the new families in context. In it we also share the story of how the fonts evolved, our collaboration in the project, and why it’s such a significant release.

Want to get started? Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro in OpenType format are available for license here at Font Bureau and web font versions are available from Webtype. They are also available at Fonts.com and Fonts.com Web Fonts.

With the advent of @font-face and with interactive design experiencing a typographic renaissance, Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro are poised to continue their reign for years to come.