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A closer look at Sauna

While some sans serifs strive for neutrality or austerity, Sauna is warm and unrestrained. Where some are stiff and harsh, Sauna is relaxed and welcoming. In that way, its name fits quite nicely. Its soft contours and playful strokes expose Sauna’s obvious nature: this is type for taking it easy.

Sauna in use by High Times

License: All Rights Reserved. Source: Fonts in Use

Sauna in use by Blijven kijken

License: All Rights Reserved. Photography: Phile Deprez (concept/styling: Jan Middendorp) Source: Fonts in Use

Unlike many other informal typefaces, Sauna need not be relegated to big headlines or the occasional bit of short copy: it leads a double life as a legitimate text face. The shapes are clear, counters open, and the three weights (regular, bold, and black), each with italics and italic swashes, offer a toolkit for typesetting a variety texts.

Plus, Sauna has extensive language support, small caps, and a full matching set of dingbats, so there really aren’t any limits to its use.

In the same way that Sauna bucks the sober sans trend, Sauna Mono is a monospaced typeface with an unusually laidback personality. Four styles — Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic — are at the ready for content that needs to be tabular without being tiresome.

Sauna in use by Who Gives a Crap

License: All Rights Reserved. Concept/styling: Gemma O’Brien Source: Fonts in Use

This face would also be an unexpected stylistic choice even when there is no such monospaced requirement. Tech brands that want to keep a sense of excitement or trendy designers looking for a vaporwave aesthetic: look no further.

These Underware sans serifs offer plenty of pairing opportunities. With their similarly relaxed personalities Sauna and Sauna Mono naturally play well together, but they can also serve as casual counterparts for typefaces that are more straight-laced. Consider contrasting them with Proforma, Heron Serif, or Brando, and for a harmonic approach, either Freight Micro or Aglet Slab have a wide stance and low stroke contrast compatible with Sauna.