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TV Guide: What’s Worth Watching

For those of us who keep tabs on magazine redesigns, What’s been Worth Watching the past few weeks is TV Guide itself.

Thinking Green for Earth Day

What is a “green font”?

A Change of Fortune

Last week Fortune magazine unveiled a bold new look, spearheaded by creative director John Korpics.  To herald the new direction, Korpics commissioned Cyrus Highsmith to draw a new logo for the nameplate. Now entering its 80th year, Fortune

“Who shot the serif?”

“I’m convinced that reversed-stress slabs can offer more to typography than the novelty of gunslingers and swinging saloon doors. There’s something enticing about their clunky backwardness that should not be left out of our typographic vocabulary.“

Typeradio interview with Petr van Blokland

Typeradio got Petr van Blokland talking about design processes and other life style attitudes at the ATypI 2005 conference in Helsinki.