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A small sampling of custom lettering.

The making of Bitcount

The Bitcount project started in the late 1970s as an experiment to find the minimum amount of pixels necessary to make a full set of ASCII characters. As normal as that may seem today, it wasn’t then.

Sloop poster

The original Sloop poster designed to promote the release of this popular script family.

Escrow goes big and small

Cyrus Highsmith designed 44 styles in this new Scotch series. Escrow sets the tone of the front page of The Wall Street Journal, envy of the newspaper industry. “Escrow is the spectacular element holding the whole thing together” Design Director…

Bickham Script Pro 3

After 20 years, Richard Lipton’s Bickham Script Pro 3 has finally reached the finish line.

Hoffmann poster

The original Hoffmann poster launching the release of this unique san serif family.

Avalon poster

The original Avalon poster launching the release of this calligraphic design.


Richard Lipton comes from a calligraphic background and always enjoys a chance to ignore his computer by occasionally accepting a lettering commission.

Design cannot be frictionless

Designers have an important role in the streamlining of communication. A badly designed message does not reach its target group. The designer acts in the interest of the customer by making the design and production process more efficient, while at…

Original Proforma brochure for Purup Electronics

Back in 1988, the Danish company Purup Electronics was one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser based typesetting system. PE Proforma was announced as the first typeface design exclusively for forms.

Poem on the wall

“Stichting Archipelpoëzie” – Foundation to encourage the use of poems on architecture in The Hague) used Productus Book and Medium in their 9th project, located in the “Nieuwe Schoolstraat” in The Hague. For each poem a different type…

Savanna Script

A versatile family of condensed formal scripts. Richard Lipton continually transforms the elegance of pen-on-paper into beautiful, functional fonts.