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Using all the axes: A conversation with Scott Kellum

Variable fonts can improve web typography only so much as web designers and developers can use them. Scott Kellum, who built Typetura to enable easy variable font usage online, holds two patents related to fluid typesetting with cofounder…

New designs with classic faces

Thanks to the ATF Collection’s digital revivals, classic American Type Founders faces have reentered the popular typographic discourse. Here’s a look at some new designs featuring these timeless designs.

Finesse and express

With 3.5 billion searches per day—and billions more using their other products—Google has perhaps the greatest need in history to adapt to its users. To explore how variable fonts can enable precision typography in dynamic environments, Google has commissioned Font…

Letters from a Turkish prison

Held in the notorious Silivri prison, 90 kilometers from Istanbul, for the past six years, Fevzi Yazıcı designed a unique typeface. He drew it with a pencil in his dimly lit solitary-confinement cell and named it “Firdevs,” for his wife.…

Putting accessibility first

In early 2020, the State of Rhode Island turned to web typography expert Jason Pamental to design their new web platform. Using variable fonts, he led the team that produced one of the web’s most accessible and flexible collection of…

“Pure little expressions”

DJR finds inspiration in an obscure map museum, fixes backward js, and reveals the common thread throughout his diverse library.

Thinking beyond the static

Bas Jacobs of Underware speaks with us about how the dynamic possibilities of variable fonts have transformed everything about this foundry conceives of and designs their typefaces.

From music to type

Roger Black speaks with Greg Thompson about recording studio design, type design, and what’s changed in the last two decades.

Variations on a theme

For the next few months, Type Network is going to take some in-depth looks at the still-developing world of variable fonts from a number of different perspectives, from the technical to the creative.

One for the Agenda

Greg Thompson’s latest design—a familiar but improved Agenda One—brings a musician’s ear, a tinkerer’s hands, and an artist’s eye to the page.

Making a modern classic: Nitti

Thanks to its versatility and style, the Nitti family by Bold Monday has become a modern classic. Since its initial release in the early 2010s, the Nitti family has grown to include four typefaces and has been used for everything…

Explaining Grades, the trick to a great reader experience

One of the most mysterious and overlooked aspects of typographic design is that of “grade.” Grades are as helpful as they are uncommon; and while they were originally developed for print, they’re making a big comeback in UI/UX design. Here’s…