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The Nordvest Tour Travelogue

The Nordvest Tour Travelogue is a very different kind of type specimen. It chronicles our nine-day travel across the North Atlantic, following the old viking routes that eventually led Leifr Eiríksson to the discovery of America almost half a millenium before Christopher Columbus. Our travel was a personal one: With sails set for solitude and uncharted waters, the wide horizons of the Faroes Islands has an inexplicable pull. And it serves as a great metaphor for the dedication and dare behind Nina Stössinger’s Nordvest. A useful reversed-contrast text face seems an oxymoron, but Nordvest proves its worth: The sole typographic voice preforms in text, as well as headlines.

The texts explore the language, art and culture of the Faroe Islands. The postage stamps that accompanies each entry are re-set with Nordvest and features work from local artist. The wooden topographic models doubles as abstract landscapes and illustrations.

Editorial work by the Monokrom team, Nina Stössinger, Verena Stössinger and Caren Litherland. Graphic design and photography by Frode Bo Helland. Woodwork by Nikolai Sabel and Frode Bo Helland.